The May 2024 Edition …

Our HRW Writing Group Has Just Launched Brand-New Anthology ‘In Tangled Lives’

By TOM WOOD / MAY 1, 2024

Hey, folks. It’s been a while since I last posted anything here … and now you know why. Here’s the cover of In Tangled Lives: A Harpeth River Writers Anthology and we’re darn proud of this creation. Here’s a little info about this relationships-themed book.

In Tangled Lives: A Harpeth River Writers Anthology features an eclectic collection of stories for every mood—sad and dark, heartwarming and hopeful. Indeed, we all are in tangled lives.

HRW is a collective of acclaimed Nashville-area authors who have individually published short stories, essays, memoirs, novels, poems, and songs. HRW has published two previous anthologies: By Blood or By Marriage (2015)and Words on Water (2019). Contributors are Sandy Ward Bell, John Neely Davis, Micki Fuhrman, Cindy King, Cate Moore, Kathy Rhodes, Michael J. Tucker, Tom Wood, and Bill Woods.

I have two stories in the book. Here’s a synopsis of each to whet your reading appetite:

Maggie’s Hope: After losing her husband in the Gulf War, a woman with newborn twins spirals out of control until she is forced to make a difficult decision about what is best for her girls.

Food Fight: A woman shouts insults across the kitchen table toward a man, screaming “fat, fat, fat,” and other epithets.

Here are some of my other recent stories for the Ledger and other things.

Tanger Outlet Center Boosts SE Nashville

This date marks the grand opening of the Nashville Tanger retail outlet center in Antioch, which will officially end the two-decade-old “shopping and dining desert” in southeast Nashville as Councilwoman Joy Styles calls it.

I write about the rebirth and revitalization of the Antioch area in the Oct. 27-Nov. 3 edition of the Nashville Ledger. The Tanger Center has 60-some retail and food shops and there are more to come as the 300-acre Century Farms mixed-use development off I-24 continues to add tenants.

Four hotels are planned and Tiger Woods will open PopStrokes, a golf entertainment center, in Century Farms in early 2025. I also write about all that’s coming to the former location of Hickory Hollow Mall. It’s an exciting time for the area.

Southern Festival of Books On the Move

A huge success! That’s my take on the prestigious Southern Festival of Books’ 2023 move from its downtown traditional Nashville location to Bicentennial Mall. The green space was much more welcoming as the Festival spread out across the park and author lectures were held inside the Tennessee State Museum and Tennessee State Library and Archives.

I was there in both the Authors Circle – Mid Tenn and Sisters in Crime Middle Tennessee booths with more than a dozen local authors, and met folks visiting Nashville from the East Coast to the Pacific. I sold books to women from North Carolina to Los Angeles and Seattle and spoke with a couple from Hawaii, in town to attend a wedding.

The Authors Circle – Mid Tenn had a great time at the Southern Festival of Books and is looking forward to the 2024 edition on the weekend of October 26-27. It is one of several book festivals in Nashville this summer. Look for my story in the May 17 Nashville Ledger.

As always, thanks for reading.

Tom Wood

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  1. I met you at the Southern Festival of Books this past weekend by chance. Looking for a book I chose Vendetta Stone and you graciously signed it for me. I cannot put this book down… it’s such a delight to stumble upon a new author and their words just flow from first sentence.

    • Hi Rhonda, thanks so much for the kind words. Let me know your thoughts after you finish Vendetta Stone. I look forward to your comments, and hope you’ll share with your friends and do a review on Amazon. And if I may, let me recommend our water-themed anthology WORDS ON WATER by the Harpeth River Writers for a future read. It launched Oct. 1 and is available online.

  2. Tom, I’m note sure I ever met David, but I know him through his work. Now I admire him as I read what you have written about your love for him – it is quite a testimony. I envy the friendship you have with him. God bless your memories of him…

    • Thanks, Skip. Mike and others were closer to David than I was, but yeah, family. I treasure him and everyone else from those newspaper days.

  3. Tom Wood,
    I read, enjoyed, and concur with your Ledger article on A.I.
    (Note: shameless, but relevant, self promotion follows).
    I wrote a novel in 2020 about Nashville and the prospect of A.I., specifically with regard to the valuable data available in the tape archives of Nashville recording studios for building A.I. reference databases.
    Link below to My Name is Porman Dedman.
    Comments appreciated.

    Phillip Doss

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