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The July 2015 Edition

Onward and Upward: On The Move

Don’t know about you, but hectic doesn’t begin to describe my world these days.

Besides all the writing projects and assignments I’ve undertaken, we have recently moved from one side of Nashville to the other.

CLOVER BI won’t say we’ve completed the move, because we’ve got boxes and boxes and more boxes yet to unpack. We found several boxes unopened from our last move a dozen years ago. Whew.

We’ve gone back to the future, you could say, with our “new” 1950s ranch home. It reminds Bennie and I of the houses we grew up in, yet it has been modernized and updated and lives up to our real-estate motto: “There’s no perfect home, but it’s perfect for us.”

So it’s a good move for us, both literally and figuratively. I guess you could say we’re downsized in home and up-sized in our dreams. Some of the recent feedback I’ve received for both my debut novel Vendetta Stone and the screenplay continues to inspire me and convinces me that even better things are in store.

Earlier this year I submitted “Vendetta Stone” to the Nashville Film Festival’s screenwriting competition. Then I was at the Faith In Film and Script-Com events as part of Film-Com 2015. Aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers and actors were on hand for some great advice from Hollywood insiders.

My takeaway: Dare to dream and keep plugging away to make it happen.

That’s sound advice for everyone, no matter what profession you’re in.

Remembrances: Just a little over a year ago, Nashville journalism lost one of its greatest voices with the passing of John Seigenthaler, who invited me discuss my book on his TV show “A Word on Words.” Before that, Nashville mourned the passing of longtime Tennessean columnist Gail Kerr.

More recently, on June 29, we lost former Nashville Banner reporter Mike Pigott – who made his mark as a public relations guru at McNeely, Pigott & Fox. Mary Hance of The Tennessean has written a wonderful tribute to her dear, longtime friend from her Banner days.

All three were among Nashville’s most ardent supporters and they are all missed by our community.


Upcoming book events: I will be joining several Franklin-based authors on July 3 at the Franklin Art Scene crawl from 6-9 pm at Merridee’s. Stop by if you’re out that way.

Another event I’m looking forward to is Chuck Beard’s East Side Storytellin’ on July 21 in East Nashville (the main setting for “Vendetta Stone”). The hour-long event also features music and will be on podcast. Some of the high-profile previous guests – all local authors – include Andrew Maraniss, JT Ellison, Alice Randall, Keel Hunt.

Thanks for the invite, Chuck (who has another event that was recently highlighted in the Nashville Scene).

As always, thanks for reading.


43 thoughts on “The July 2015 Edition

  1. Mr. Wood: your April 24 Ledger article insinuates that Salemtown Cottages (and other Salemtown developments) were the result of the new ballpark. I moved to Salemtown 11 years ago into a newly built house (among several others). I also participated in the planning discussions about Salemtown Cottages, which occurred months before the new ballpark was proposed. I know that there is a tendency now among realtors and developers to exaggerate the ballpark’s influence, but please make sure that local history is written accurately.

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for writing, but I would disagree that such an insinuation was made. You read a little more into the article than was intended. Salemtown was indeed a vibrant community long before the Sounds’ arrival, and the point I tried to make was how the team’s arrival will affect future growth. Thanks for reading.

  2. Tom, we worked an episode of Nashville in February that just aired last Wednesday, April 22. It was shot Gaylord Opryland hotel and was a fundraiser scene. You gave me a copy of your book and I enjoyed it. I’d like to suggest it as our book club selection for May and have a discussion about it June 16. Would you be available on that date to come join our group for a book discussion? If so please contact me via email. Best Regards.

  3. You’ve publicized your travels and events well and I found myself sort of following them. I skipped some of the sports stuff here as my husband is the sports fan in our family. Not me. I did enjoy all of the other information. Thank you.

    • ‘Preciate hearing from you, Linda. Sports isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I try to write about local and general interest topics. Glad you enjoyed the rest. The Outer Banks are beautiful this time of year. Not too many tourists, it’s not too hot and the beaches are gorgeous. Plus there’s a lot of historic sites in the area. Wish I’d been able to spend more time there; I know I will in the future.

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