A Vow Of Vengeance
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The December Edition, 2014




I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and may our paths cross somewhere down the line. I will be in Kingsport, Tennessee, this weekend at the Christmas Connection, then head to the North Carolina Writers Network conference in Charlotte. Next month, I will be in Manchester, Tullahoma and Franklin, home of the Dickens of a Christmas event on December 13-14.




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36 thoughts on “The December Edition, 2014

  1. I heard something about John Seigenthaler, but didn’t know about his connection to the Southern Festival of Books. Very interesting. I’ll be there and hope you get to talk to you a bit.

    Vendetta Stone is a good book for anyone. Nashville residents will especially appreciate it the tour of their own home-town. You think it’s about vengeance (and it is), but things are not always as they seem. In the end, I saw a story about a real-life struggle with vengeance playing only as a 2nd role. Good job Tom.

  2. Great interview with John Seigenthaler, Tom. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Hope to fit it into my crowded reading schedule some time this month.

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