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The August 2020 Edition …

In the Ledger: What would life in Knoxville be like without UT football because of the virus?

By TOM WOOD / July 31, 2020

That’s the question put to me by editors of the Nashville Ledger, and in turn, I asked it of several Knoxville business people. I hope I have provided some answers and perspective in the July 31-August 6 edition of the Ledger.

In talking with government and media members, looking to determine both the economic and emotional impact on, the one word that many used to describe such a scenario was “devastating.”

“Honestly, it would be devastating to the economy for fall football not to happen in some fashion,” said Helen O’Connor Morton, who owns University Liquors with her husband and son and is one of the leaders of the Cumberland Avenue Merchants Association.

Chuck Cavalaris, a former Knoxville sportswriter who is now a realtor and a sports commentator on the Sports Source on WATE-TV, is holding his breath as the University and the Southeastern Conference try to decide on the best course of action. A conference-only schedule makes the most sense to Cavalaris.

“My hope is, instead of no college football in 2020, make it just conference only and maybe one out-of-conference game if it makes sense. And if we’re looking at starting in early October, then I think we can get through this. But it would really be devastating to me if you say there’s no college football in 2020,” says Cavalaris.

BOOK NEWS: Our ‘Words on Water’ anthology is a KN Silver Falchion finalist

On another subject, I have some great news about our Harpeth River Writers anthology WORDS ON WATER. The book is a finalist for a Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award!

Readers can vote for Harpeth River Writers by Clicking Here

Congratulations to my fellow HRW writers Sandy Ward Bell, Suzanne Webb Brunson, Catherine Caffey, John Neely Davis, Micki Fuhrman, Catherine Moore, Michael J. Tucker and Bill Woods.

Now it’s up to readers to select their favorite! Here is the link to vote for the 2020 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Readers’ Choice Award at http://www.killernashville.com/machform/view.php?id=195206

As always, thanks for reading.

Tom Wood

65 thoughts on “The August 2020 Edition …

  1. Tom, I have been reading Vendetta Stone with delight and can hardly put it down. Thank you for an exciting thriller.

    I don’t normally write authors about mistakes or typos I come across but I did catch James Michener in one in Centennial where he mentions The Old Rugged Cross being one of the hymns sung at an early camp meeting years before George Bennard (1873-1958) wrote it. That all goes to say, I’ve found only one typo so far in Vendetta. (p. 257, 4th paragraph – “…what I in mind…” needs to be “what I had in mind.” A very minor omission which you’ve probably caught already.

    Keep up the good work and thanks.


    • Sharp eye, John. I’ll have to double-check if I caught that one. Glad you’re enjoying Vendetta Stone. The sequel is targeted for a spring launch.

  2. It was great to meet you Tom at the Southern Festival of Books!
    Alan Lewis said for me to contact you. He says you do a lot of presentations at various book festivals. Is it possible to participate as an author. I am a published author in 4 genres 14x. ThorntonCline.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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