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larrywoody“As a former newspaperman and a Nashville resident, I especially enjoyed the book because of its reporter protagonist and its Music City setting. The plot is believable, provides action and suspense, and the characters are well-defined. It also offers insight into how the media functions that “civilians” should find interesting. It’s a good, quick read and I enjoyed it.”

Larry Woody, a former Tennessean sports writer/outdoors editor and author, is a three-time Tennessee Sports Writer of the Year and a member of the Motorsports Hall of Fame and the Martin Methodist College Sports Hall of Fame

“Tom Wood’s journalistic background is perfectly showcased in his suspenseful first novel, Vendetta Stone. Its clever premise as a true crime novel, written from the point of view of journalist Gerry Hilliard, works so well that readers may question why they didn’t know about these serial murders earlier. Vividly drawn and complex characters join a well-crafted plot to create a “can’t turn the pages fast enough” winner. … [It] practically cries out for a sequel.”

Michelle Broussard Honick, Co-author of Ghosts, Gangsters and Gamblers of Las Vegas

“One thought that hit me mid-way through was “Hitchcock” (I have admired his work for many years) and I use the term here in the highest regard. You did not disappoint. You kept an even keel without the ups and downs of over-dramatizing or leaving one hanging that so often happens. To boot, I learned a lot about the media businesses and that was an added plus.”

—Skip Nipper, Author and Nashville baseball historian


“It’s not difficult to imagine Vendetta Stone being adapted to film, and I think such a film would be welcomed by a large audience. Anyone who enjoys a good crime thriller as well as a realistic glimpse into Southern life should read this novel.”

Stephen Delos Wilson, member of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association

“It is a gripping thriller . . . an excellent social and psychological piece of literature, especially looking into the mind of a serial killer.”

Nick Sullivan is a former Tennessean sports writer, outdoors editor and copy editor

“Finished VENDETTA STONE last night  what a thriller, Tom! You nailed it. … Tom surprised me with his ending  and how he got there.”

Suzanne Webb Brunson is a former Nashville Banner reporter 



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  1. Tom, Fun meeting you yesterday! I am going to Parnassus later to check out your book! Wishing you the very best always on your adventures!! :) Lauren

    • Thanks, Lauren. Good meeting you too. Be sure and return here to write a mini-review after you finish. I’m working on the sequel now.

  2. VENDETTA STONE…a novel?…or reality? I couldn’t put it down. Tom Wood, forces, you to become a silent character on the sidelines of the cat and mouse game that allows you to think you have it all figured out UNTIL you get to the end…and THEN..there’s the Epilogue…totally messes with your head. GREAT READ..
    Thanks, Tom and please, let there be a series of Jackson Stone “novels”…(still not sure)………dt

  3. met mr wood while shopping at used book store in Crossville tn spoke to him for a few minutes and bought his book. I enjoyed the references to locations in nassville it was a good read looking forward to his upcoming books

    • Thanks for the kind words, Robert. I will be back in Crossville on December 20 at The Book Cellar from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Hope you will tell your friends.

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