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The basic ingredients …

What: A theme-based collection of “killer” recipes from mystery, thriller and suspense writers, with a short linked mystery story that runs in chapters throughout the book, sandwiched between recipes. The recipes are preferably from contributors, but could be from a family member, personal friend or a favorite restaurant (with permission).

Stipulation: We want recipes to be published for the first time in this volume. If you have used Recipe A in a novel, come up with another Recipe B that hasn’t been published, and title it so it reflects back to your body of work. Example: Agatha Christie might submit a new recipe for “Miss Marple’s Cream Pie.” Never published before, but a throwback to the series. Once recipes are accepted, the contributors will be contacted to write an approximately 2-3 paragraph addition to a continuing group/collective short story with the opening by KN founder Clay Stafford.

First Submissions Deadline: Since KN2015 is Halloween weekend … October 31, 2014.



Killer Appetizers                                             Killer Fish/Meats/Poultry

Killer Cocktails/Beverages                              Killer Grillers/Outdoors

Killer Breads/Sandwiches                               Killer Holidays

Killer Casseroles/Side Dishes                         Killer Pastries/Pies

Killer Chili                                                      Killer Salads and Such

Killer Desserts                                                 Killer Soups and Sauces

Killer Eggs/Cheese                                          Killer Veggies and Vegan

Killer Ethnic


To submit a recipe (1 per section, maximum of 3)

Email: Project editor Include a short bio, a mugshot and a brief backstory about the recipe: Is it featured in your book? Did you try something like it at a convention, or did it help you survive the writing process? Maybe it was handed down through the family, etc.

Have fun with this, but keep it short. Thanks for your interest. I look forward to your participation.

Tom Wood, project editor


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