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“As a former newspaperman and a Nashville resident, I especially enjoyed the book because of its reporter protagonist and its Music City setting. The plot is believable, provides action and suspense, and the characters are well-defined. It also offers insight into how the media functions that “civilians” should find interesting. It’s a good, quick read and I enjoyed it.”

Larry Woody, a former Tennessean sports writer/outdoors editor and author, is a three-time Tennessee Sports Writer of the Year and a member of the Motorsports Hall of Fame and the Martin Methodist College Sports Hall of Fame

“It is a gripping thriller . . . an excellent social and psychological piece of literature, especially looking into the mind of a serial killer.”

Nick Sullivan is a former Tennessean sports writer, outdoors editor and copy editor

This novel follows the story of Jackson Stone, an advertising executive in Nashville and a former Marine who goes to extraordinary lengths to find the killer of his wife. Yet Stone ends up being hunted — and faces a showdown of suspense at one of Nashville’s iconic landmarks. The whole story, interestingly, is told by a newspaper reporter, Gerry Hilliard.

Joe Tennis writes for the Bristol Herald Courier

“Finished VENDETTA STONE by Tom Wood last night – what a thriller, Tom! You nailed it… Tom surprised me with his ending – and how he got there.”

Suzanne Webb Brunson is a former Nashville Banner reporter



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  1. I live on Stirrup, when you get your book in hand, let me know and I’ll buy one from you. Good luck and great job. I hope it sells a million, quickly. B

    • I got a note yesterday that books are due to arrive around Aug. 18-19. It is only available on Amazon right now, but will be on Kindle soon.

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