The Fourth Edition – November 2013

With a tip o’ the hat to the Random Ruminations column that my friend Joe Biddle has written for the now-defunct Nashville Banner, The Tennessean and now at WKRN-2, here are a few thoughts about November and Vendetta Stone:

First, let me wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. If you are traveling during the holiday season, be safe. I’ll be traveling to Kingsport, Tennessee, for a Christmas and book festival, then will be attending the North Carolina Writers Conference in Wrightsville Beach. I hope to visit some bookstores while I’m over there to spread the word about Vendetta Stone. I

Off to the side of this page, you will find my review of the book Capricorn’s Collapse as well as an interview with its author, Michael J. Tucker. Mike and I are members of a seven-person critique group that meets twice a month in Franklin. We offer comments and criticism about each author’s ongoing project. You’ll be seeing and reading more in the coming months and years about the works of John Davis, Sandy Ward Bell, Micki Milom, Ruth Lebovitz and Suzanne Brunson. While each of us directly benefit from the counsel of this close-knit group, it is you, the reader, who will benefit most.

Speaking of reviews, I guess I should finally post the one Mike did in September on Vendetta Stone. Neither one of had any editorial say-so over the author’s opinions or prior knowledge of questions asked during the interview. Honest appraisals of the work are what readers demand and expect – and deserve, if they are going to plunk down hard-earned money to read our stories. Here is the link to Mike’s review of Vendetta Stone And here is the one to our interview:

Also, here are a couple of reader reviews I found on Amazon about Vendetta Stone. Unlike Mike, I don’t know the authors of these very kind thoughts about my book. Let me say thanks in advance to each:

From Marilyn H. Hendrix, Lithia Springs, Ga.: Titled “Vendetta Stone is Spell-binding,” Marilyn writes, “This was a great read, I could not put the murder mystery down. I loved the flow of the book and all the personalities. Great reporting angle. God’s Blessings to the author, I loved the faith-based portion of this book. God is real even in the most difficult situations of our lives, including the murder of a loved one.”

From Stephen D. Wilson of Utica, N.Y.: Titled “A Gripping Nashville Murder Tale,” Stephen writes: “I so seldom read anything in the crime thriller genre that I can’t recall what–if ever–I last read before Vendetta Stone. However, my casual acquaintance with the author piqued my interest and I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised, so much so that I had difficulty putting the book down. The author’s career as a Nashville journalist is evident in both his smooth writing style and his very detailed knowledge of the local culture and landscape. A bonus is the insight this novel provides into the workings of modern journalism. The story’s narrator is a print journalist assigned to cover the hero of the piece, an approach which affords sufficient detachment to provide an objective view of the hero’s mindset as well as those of the chief characters. It’s not difficult to imagine Vendetta Stone being adapted to film, and I think such a film would be welcomed by a large audience. Anyone who enjoys a good crime thriller as well as a realistic glimpse into Southern life should read this novel.”

All I can say, Stephen, is I would pay to see that movie! Any other reviews and/or thoughts would be greatly appreciated if you direct them my way.

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