Film-Com photos at The Parthenon…

On June 20, the Film-Com gala was held at The Parthenon, with former Channel 4 news anchor Demetria Kalodimos hosting the Greek-themed event.

For me, it brought back a lot of great memories about writing Vendetta Stone, and I thought I’d share a few pictures from the event. It was fun seeing old friends and making new ones.

Script-Com is Saturday, June 22, at Lipscomb University, and there’s still time to get tickets. Go to

A festive crowd attended the 10th annual Film-Com Networking Gala, this year’s industry event held at The Parthenon.
If you read Vendetta Stone, you’ll recognize Athena. If you haven’t, no spoilers here.
Former Channel 4 News anchor Demetria Kalodimos was master of ceremonies for the 10th annual Film-Com Networking Gala.
With Susie Monick and Linda Evjen. We worked together on ‘Nashville’ and several movie and TV projects.

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