Change and charm in Hillsboro Village

Enclave has long history of old favorites giving way to new

By Tom Wood

Charm and change. Those two words come up often when talking about Hillsboro Village, the ever-trendy, four-block Nashville shopping district which is quickly approaching its 100th anniversary.

The charm has been there since Day One (so I’ve read; I’m not that old).

And the change? Well, that term has probably been attached to the Village since Day Two.

“Do you remember that old daytime (TV) show ‘As the World Turns?’ I want to call it, ‘As the Village Turns,’ says Scott Davis, owner of Davis Cookware and Coffee, chuckling about all the changes he’s seen in 50 years of working in Hillsboro Village.

“There’s always some drama. And there’s always what I call perspective.

“One of the things that I say a lot lately is it’s all about perspective. … I have a dog and my father-in-law is looking at him from the front, and he says ‘that dog’s tail always goes counter-clockwise. Can you make the dog’s tail go clockwise?’ So I said, ‘yeah, just get on the other side of the dog. It’ll be going clockwise.’

“So when two people look at the same thing, it just depends on the perspective of whether it’s going clockwise or absolutely opposite of each other.”

Ends and beginnings

There’s a lot of perspective these days – and change. Good or bad? Depends on who you ask. Hillsboro Village has always been a haven for local ownership, but that has been changing as national companies and brands continue to invest in Nashville.

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