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authorVeteran sports writer and copy editor Tom Wood has covered a wide variety of events—ranging from Nashville universities to boxing, from the Iroquois Memorial Steeplechase to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games—for The Tennessean, where he also wrote a number of entertainment features. After his retirement from that newspaper, he has continued to contribute freelance articles for several news outlets. He had a fiction short story published in the 2012 Civil War anthology Filtered Through Time and contributed an interview to the 1989 collection Feast of Fear: Conversations With Stephen King. The native North Carolinian and Middle Tennessee State University graduate has appeared as a background character actor in several episodes of the ABC series Nashville as well as several other projects. Vendetta Stone is Wood’s first novel.

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  1. This is a 5-star fictional book that seems real. A very good read. I recommend it. Tom Wood’s first novel is a winner.

  2. Hello Mr. Wood,

    I was impressed to meet you at the filming of “Nashville.” Looked up the schedule for Word on Words and I am looking forward to seeing your interview with John S. tonight.

    I am also curious about North Carolina. Tired of Nashville and would like to visit North Carolina. Do you have any suggestions for places for me to visit there? I type for a group of doctors in Charlotte. What do you think about the city, Charlotte?

    June Haskins

    • Hi June, it was nice talking with you, too. As far as moving suggestions, it just depends on what you are looking for. I would research cost of living, taxes, housing prices, etc., before moving. Charlotte and Raleigh are much like Nashville, everything to do. I’ve never lived in Charlotte, but some relatives do and they love it. There is a lot of film work in both Charlotte as well as Wilmington and in between. Wilmington area is great if like the beach, Asheville is the cosmpolitan area of Western Carolina. Great areas to live and so are Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Both are really growing. I love North Carolina. Tennessee, too.

      • Thank you for the information on North Carolina. Wilmington sounds like a more desirable place. I like the beach and being around water.

        After meeting you I am more interested in trying to write my book. I have a lot of notes and once I work on the housework a little bit more, I think I may venture into some writing in the future.

        Have a good evening!!

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